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Welcome to Scratchers Creek Premium Meats! We offer free home delivery to customers located in Eatonton and its neighboring areas. If you're located outside our delivery area, we also provide Next Day nationwide shipping for any orders. Please note that certain restrictions may apply. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Scratchers Creek is a collective of family-owned cattle farms that focuses on delivering fresh farm-to-table meats, free from any additives, growth hormones, or antibiotics. Our beef is raised with care on our own pastures and processed locally to ensure its freshness. We take pride in our vacuum-sealed packaging process, which captures the meat's freshness immediately after cutting, making it ready for you to enjoy whenever you choose to savor our exceptional meats.
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About Scratchers Creek Meats

Scratchers Creek Meats gladly serves the historic town of Eatonton, GA, which is the birthplace of renowned author Alice Walker and home to the Uncle Remus Museum, dedicated to the stories of Br'er Rabbit and other beloved characters. We specialize in providing fresh farm-to-table meats that are grown and processed locally, without any additives like growth hormones or other antibiotics. By choosing Scratchers Creek Meats, you not only get to savor delicious, high-quality meats, but also support the rich cultural heritage of our local community.

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1028 Purvis School Rd
Warrenton, GA 30828

Phone: (706) 466-6000
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